Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg, who condemned "fearful voices," presumably like Donald Trump and some countries in Europe, for pushing walls against immigrants, is facing a backlash over his efforts keep neighbors away from his homes.

After he told a California conference Tuesday, "I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others," several congressional critics emailed Secrets stories about his huge personal and home security.

"This, from a man who bought every house on his neighborhood block to clear the area and create a safe space for he and his family," said one congressional source. "I bet he has some pretty sturdy fences to protect his land. Not to mention a platoon of personal bodyguards."

Actually, his security team has been the subject of stories as has his home construction.

One story detailed his $10 million renovation on a home in San Francisco that upset neighbors with the noise and fence surrounding it.

"Zuckerberg secured ten separate building permits so that an estimated 40 to 50 contractors could build out everything from roof decks to a basement garage, featuring a car turntable so his fleet of vehicles "can get in and out more easily." And the CEO—ever conscious of people's privacy—had a massive mesh net fence erected around the property," reported ValleyWag.

In Palo Alto, he bought up four homes surrounding his to provide quiet and security. "To create his own mega-compound, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought four homes for $30 million, one of which sold for $14 million, near his own $7 million estate in Palo Alto, Calif.," reported ABC News.

Zuckerberg's criticism of U.S. immigration policy and GOP candidates eager to crack down harder has come under fire before.

After he went to Mexico to slap U.S. policy, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions mocked him. "I guess I will first note that young Mr. Zuckerberg maybe doesn't know there is a deep American tradition — a tradition in most developed nations — that you don't go to a foreign capital to criticize your own government. I suppose he doesn't know about that. They probably didn't teach him about that when he was at one of the elite schools he attended," Sessions wrote in National Review in 2014.

He added:

I have another article from late last fall that was printed in Business Insider about Mr. Zuckerberg's actions. The headline is "Mark Zuckerberg Just Spent More than $30 Million Buying 4 Neighboring Houses for Privacy." The article says:

Mark Zuckerberg just made an unusual purchase. Well, four purchases. Facebook's billionaire founder bought four homes surrounding his current home near Palo Alto, Mercury News Reports. The houses cost him more than $30 million, including one 2,600 square-foot home that cost $14 million. (His own home is twice as large at 5,000 square-feet and cost half as much.) Larry Page made a similar move a few years ago so he could build a 6,000-square-foot mansion. But Zuckerberg's reason is different. He doesn't want to live in excess, he just wants a little privacy.

That is a world the average American doesn't live in.

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com