Most Americans appear to think their state should pass an immigration law like the one Arizona approved in April, according to a new national survey by Zogby International conducted for The O'Leary Report.

Zogby asked 2,061 registered voters the following question:

"Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The governor in my state should adopt a law like the recently passed Arizona immigration law."

Fifty eight percent of the respondents said they agree with the statement, while 39 percent disagree. the results were almost identical among independents, with 59 percent agreeing and 37 percent disagreeing.

"Likewise, 59% of voters who had to pay taxes last year wish their governor would adopt a law similar to Arizona’s immigration law, and just 38% of taxpayers do not. Among voters who did not have any tax liability last year (due to either low income or numerous tax deductions), 52% want their state to adopt Arizona’s immigration law, and 43% do not," said Brad O'Leary.

Sounds like President Obama's Justice Department, which is already filing suit against the Arizona law, could find itself in court against many more states.

You can read the crosstabs here.