Florida officials have confirmed that the Zika virus is being locally transmitted in a second region of the state.

Mosquitoes are now thought to be spreading the virus in Pinellas County, located between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, making it the second area in Florida with local transmission. Zika has been spreading locally in Miami-Dade County for several weeks.

Officials with the Florida Department of Health said Tuesday they are investigating five new cases of locally transmitted Zika, one of them in Pinellas County and the other four in the Miami area, making 42 locally transmitted cases in the state.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned pregnant women not to travel to the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami nor to Miami Beach, as contracting the virus can cause major birth defects for their babies.

Officials have found 2,245 travel-related cases of Zika in the U.S., but it's only been in recent weeks that the virus has started spreading person-to-person, most often through contact with mosquitoes carrying the virus.