The White House is accepting user submitted questions for President Obama to address during the SOTU address but the issue that has been voted most popular by YouTube users is drug policy.

On Reddit earlier today, user whiskeysnowcone noted that the top 50 most popular questions were all related to marijuana use and drug crimes.  

Currently it appears that other policy related questions have risen to the surface, but questions about illegal drugs still dominate the list of most voted on questions.
Currently the most voted for question reads, "Mr. President, America accounts for 5% of the worlds population, but holds 25% of the worlds prisoners. It costs US tax payers over $40,000 per prisoner each year. Will you end minor drug charges to help ease the economy, instead of private prisons?"

Another user, natedog4201, laments,
"As a otherwise law abiding citizen, why can I have a beer but not smoke a less harmful joint without fear of criminal persecution?"   

"Cut the $ to legal interdiction and money down the rat hole to the useless failing drug war. There are no facts to support it. Huge majority of govt studies show it is not worth it and is ineffective. Take the money to use for infrastructure." demands user dohlink.

As our White House reporter Julie Mason noted, the presidents speech will be all about jobs and the economy, however Obama, "is expected to continue revising his annual State of the Union speech until right before he delivers it."

Will he address America's burning questions about pot? Probably not.