Donald Trump's abrupt decision to fire his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reportedly came at the request of his own children, who were irritated with the senior staffer's constant bickering with others involved in their father's campaign.

According to CNN, Lewandowski's dismissal Monday morning came less than 24 hours after Ivanka Trump advised her father that she would no longer assist him in his bid for the White House if he didn't immediately axe his campaign manager.

Sources familiar with the strained relationship between Trump's children and Lewandowski said they viewed him as inferior to campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who's been pushing the campaign toward adopting more traditional tactics, and someone who exacerbated Trump's already unpredictable temperament.

"They thought he was a little Napoleon asshole," a source involved with the Trump campaign through much of the primary told the Washington Examiner.

The same source said Ivanka and her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, had not been happy with Lewandowski "for many months – almost from the beginning."

CNN's Dana Bash reported that Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was also involved in discussions about Lewandowski's contributions to the campaign and whether he should remain in charge.

A source close to the campaign told Bash that Lewandowski had been accused of attempting to plant hit pieces against Kushner in the media and that Ivanka had become aware of it.

Lewandowski declined to discuss the details of his departure in a statement on Monday, telling the Associated Press that Manafort "has been in operational control of the campaign since April 7."

"I stand by the fact that Mr. Trump is a great candidate and is better than Hillary Clinton ever will be," he said.