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» Biden supporters insist 'all signals are pointed' towards a WH run

"When I look at the ... Democratic candidates, I'm hungry for the energy I felt during the Obama campaign."

» House braces for NIH funding fight

Several Republicans are upset with a massive bipartisan bill because it avoids spending caps.

» Byron York: When Clinton, Obama and Biden debated sanctuary cities

Years ago, sanctuary cities were a hot issue in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

» Bernie Sanders wants to spend $3 billion on solar panels for the poor

"Families across this country struggle to pay electricity bills..."

» Obama's move to ease loan paybacks for more students to cost $15.3 billion

Pay as You Earn program caps repayments at 10 percent of the borrower's income.

» Editorial: With new documents, stench of IRS scandal reaches into its third year

Memo shows IRS conspired with the Justice Department to target conservative nonprofits.

» Small business owners say Obamacare flaws making insurance expensive

One witness said premium amounts change every year, making it harder to predict costs.

» Ashe Schow: Due process for campus sexual assault is not a left/right issue

"Our stories are all a little different, but we share the same pain."

» Op-Ed: To restore our courts, look to the Founders

Some jurisdictions attract mass action litigation due to a perceived bias against out-of-state defendants.