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» Big presidential field and super PACs cause GOP brain drain

Scarcity of staff, advisers and consultants could pose a challenge to candidates who are late to the game.

» Is Scott Walker flip-flopping on immigration?

NYT reported a conservative scholar said Walker told him "I'm not going nativist; I'm pro-immigration."

» Timothy P. Carney: Democrats follow the leader, while Republicans demand competition

For the Left, dissent, once patriotic, is now "problematic." Debate is "triggering."

» 3 issues holding up Iran nuclear talks

Diplomats from Iran and the P5+1 plan to no longer worry about the clock.

» Hearings take aim at Obama's climate agenda

Congress targets climate summit and EPA's power plant, ozone and water rules.

» Editorial: Unintended consequences also work overtime

The administration proposed nearly doubling the threshold below which employees qualify for overtime pay.

» Where colon cancer kills the most people

Regions with highest mortality rates shift to the south.

» Vital heroin treatment still too pricey: lawmaker

Rep. Elijah Cummings targets soaring price of antidote as heroin deaths quadruple.

» Conservatives likely to lose education reform battle in Congress

"This bill is not going to be the bill the president signs," said a GOP aide on the House bill.

» Watchdog: New documents show Justice Dept. linked to IRS scandal

Govt. officials had discussed the possibility of using FEC laws to open criminal cases against nonprofits.

» Congressman calls for Endangered Species Act protection for farmers

The amendment is a humorous attempt to draw attention to the burden that the EPA places on the farms.