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» Junk science = garbage policy

The media has a nasty habit of reporting false information and backing it up with "science."

» GOP senators face funding fight over security efforts

A few GOP candidates were asked twice in June to take a stand on cyberissues.

» Dan Hannan: Speak up and stop the lynch mob

Pioneering biochemist Tim Hunt was dismissed from his post because of outcry about his "sexist" remarks.

» Who's a lame duck? Obama's next 18 months

Fresh off some big wins, a rejuvenated Obama wants to get things done during his final 18 months in office.

» Opponents could still thwart looming trade deal

The path for TPP to become law could be just as bumpy as passing the trade promotion bill.

» Michael Barone: Supreme Court says again: Words don't mean what they say

When what's at stake is redistricting rather than Obamacare or housing discrimination, why bother?

» Politics ain't broke, so reforms wont fix it

The dirty secret of American politics is that American politics isn't so dirty after all.

» Author's fiction on future war gets real fast

Peter W. Singer's vision of the next great war was published this week as a novel — that is, a work of fiction.

» Editorial: Californians deserve a re-vote on high-speed rail

A bill could give the state's voters a chance to reconsider the whole thing.

» Op-Ed: The most beautiful places on earth: Our public parks and open space

It's time for Congress to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund.