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» Why critics are happy with delay in Iran nuclear talks

Skeptics of the process say it's better than being stuck with a bad deal.

» Religious liberty activist: Refusing service to gay weddings 'complicated'

"Sadly, what we're going to see is marriage become even less valued in our culture."

» Timothy P. Carney: Corporate welfare takes a blow

Ex-Im should wind down its affairs, with the goal of packing up and then exiting the market entirely.

» White House touts EPA emission rules as long-term subsidy for wind

The U.S. and Brazil agreed to derive 20 percent of their electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

» Huckabee, Santorum trying to recreate social conservative magic

Both candidates attended and gave speeches, but bombed at the Western Conservative Summit straw poll.

» Editorial: Yes, Clinton lied about her emails

She deliberately deceived Congress, and she spoke falsely to the public.

» Enviros worry Brazilian beef imports could serve up a side of Amazon tree-cutting

The U.S. decided Tuesday to end its Brazilian beef ban.

» Op-Ed: Gawker unionization fight: A symbol of union irrelevancy in today's economy

The rigidity of unionization is onerous when traditional news models are in a desperate fight for survival.

» Op-Ed: Supreme Court's Fair Housing Act ruling: A disappointing decision, with a glimmer of hope

The application of disparate impact theory leads to absurd results.