While many online wags have been laughing at the YouTube video of a careless girl falling into mall’s fountain, nannying politicians have other ideas.

 First of all if you have seen the video then a quick view would not go amiss. The woman is clearly paying no attention to her surroundings or the oncoming water feature. She is clearly not taking due care or diligence when walking across the mall.

 Those laughing her might not be laughing for long as several politicians across the country want to ban anyone from listening to music while walking around in public. Cnet reports that this is the perfect opportunity for one particular politician obsessed with ban using headphones.

 “In California, State Sen. Joe Simitian has reintroduced a bill that would fine cyclists $20 for texting. In Oregon, State Rep. Michael Schaufler wants to fine cyclists $90 for wearing headphones or earbuds. In Virginia, lawmakers are considering whether to broaden such a ban to include any handheld communication device.”

 He is not alone in wanting to take advantage of one girl’s carelessness when she was down at the mall. An Arkansas politicians wants to get in on the act, according to ABC News.

 “Arkansas State Senator Jimmy Jeffress has caused a stir by attempting to ban pedestrian use of headphones..”

Its remains to be seen if either politician wants to see a return to the halcyon days of people carrying around boom-boxes invading people’s aural space as they blasted their preferred music to the world.

Maybe Apple and other MP3 player makes can provide funds to help fight this renewed assault on people’s individual rights to entertainment. Lord help music lovers if some do-gooder in Congress gets the idea to make it a federal issue.