Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan doesn't think Donald Trump will have any lasting effect on the presidential race or the Republican Party.

Noonan wrote in her latest column that Trump is experiencing a boom, thanks in large part to reporters who like covering him, and that will soon taper. But not before he makes the other Republicans in the race feel some stress.

"Mr. Trump's loquacity will be a challenge in the debates," wrote Noonan. "How will anyone get a word in edgewise? Candidates will rely on the moderator. The moderator may amuse himself by stepping back and watching the fun. None of the candidates will want to take Mr. Trump head-on because he doesn't play within the margins of traditional political comportment. He's a squid: poke him and get ink all over you."

The first Republican primary debate is scheduled to take place on Aug. 6. In May, Trump told the Washington Examiner media desk that he intended to participate.

Several national and state-level polls show Trump in first or second place out of the Republican field.