The Wall Street Journal isn't a fan of Donald Trump's move to enlist Brietbart News Chairman Steve Bannon, and said it's a "less encouraging" sign of the direction Trump is taking with less than three months before the election.

The paper's right-leaning editorial board said Wednesday night that the campaign's new leadership suggests the candidate is ready to "unleash undiluted Donald" by bringing Bannon on board.

"Less encouraging is the arrival of Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News as chief executive for campaign operations," said the Journal. "Breitbart has been called Mr. Trump's Pravda, but Pravda is more subtle. The website specializes in attacking — often in nasty personal terms — Republicans who refuse to assail immigration and trade."

Breitbart's reputation is most often associated with controversy by many who work in politics and media, though the site enjoys a sizable and loyal audience.

Throughout the 2016 election, some in the news media have speculated that Trump, who often provides the outlet with mostly friendly interviews, is a financial backer to Breitbart. Both Trump and Breitbart executives have denied the rumor.

The Journal and Breitbart represent two competing factions within the Republican Party: The Journal prefers free trade and lax immigration laws, while Breitbart advocates populist policies that restrict immigration and trade.

The Journal said, however, that the campaign's retention of GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway was a smart choice.

"One new hire, pollster Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager, is encouraging," the Journal said. "Ms. Conway is one of the best people in politics, a sincere conservative with a talent for finding the language to connect with voters who aren't policy wonks or political addicts."