This year's midterm campaign season still has over three months to run but I think it has already left a legacy in the form of a video that will rank in the annals of politics as not only the worst of all time but also as the funniest although the latter honor is entirely unintentional. It was produced by Campus Progress which claims to be "nonpartisan" although it obviously wants young people who voted in 2008 for Obama to return to the polls this year to vote to keep the Big Government philosophy in power by voting for Democrats. The campaign video simultaneously strives for the vampire/zombie Twilight Saga theme. In fact the hilariously bad video with the dopey name "Iller" ("Chiller" minus the "Ch") could be retitled, "The Twilight Saga: Iller" since that is what the producers seem to be striving for. Oh, and the producers are also hoping to motivate young people to go out and vote in November but that seems hard to believe when watching this Hindenburg crash of all campaign videos.

Should you doubt that Campus Progress was seriously attempting to motivate young people I bring you their the words from their website of producer Sara Haile-Mariam:

Young people are not going to vote in the midterm elections…or so we’ve been told. The narrative is set in stone and contemplating the alternative is a futile exercise.

You’ll remember back then that politically active young people were often dismissed as little more then celebrity-worshiping groupies, members of a cult of personality. If you think that rhetoric has died down in the two years since, look no further than this interview I did on C-SPAN where I was accused of being brainwashed, indoctrinated, socialist-you name it.

Despite the barrage of colorful and creative characterizations from the folks who called in, my absolute favorite epithet for those kids who still think they can change the world is the very same that inspired Campus Progress to create Iller: Obama Zombies Strike Back. All of these terms share the same objective: to delegitimize the efforts of the young people who are proud of what’s been done, optimistic of the progress yet to come, and determined to leverage this dichotomy to encourage their peers to vote again in the midterm elections.

It’s time to stop allowing the pundits and pollsters to speak for us- there’s still too much at stake.

In the interim, if they insist on calling us zombies, then we might as well embrace it and have a little fun in the process…

So Maid Mariam ended up producing the first zombie-themed political video in history. It probably won't inspire young people to vote Democrat (it will probably have the opposite effect) but it is so stunningly bad that it has already become a comedy classic. Since it has been posted to YouTube for a week, some viewer reactions are in but probably not what Campus Progress wanted:

Wow. Just wow. This is so bad I don't even know what to say.

Guys I have a question. Is George Soros such a tightass that he won't pay for you to even hire a struggling third rate singer to do the song for you? Or did you blow all the money he gave you on weed?

This has GOT to be a joke. No one is this dumb to think the kids are gonna watch this and do anything but laugh in embarrassment. Gotta be a joke.

Bad acting, bad stolen dance moves, bad lyrics and as typical with progressives they don't understand that the philosophy they latch onto is a failure every where its been tried.

However, despite the almost universal panning of this video, there is good news for Campus Progress. There is now an organization interested in financing an "Iller" sequel. That organization is called the Republican Party.