Not happy with merely writing routine screeds about gays and CPAC, World Net Daily has found another cudgel to use on the gathering. It seems that WND is convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood are attending next month’s conference.

 Under the headline Now look who else is infiltrating CPAC Brian Fitzpatrick interviews Frank Gaffney who conveniently has a new book about creeping sharia in the US.

 “This is a ticking time bomb for the conservative community," said Gaffney. Using language reminiscent of the Cold War, Gaffney declared, "An influence operation is contributing materially to the defeat of our country, supporting a stealthy effort to bring Shariah here.”

 The whole fracas is based on the fact that Suhail Khan is an American Conservative Union board member. He has responded to accusations of WND in TPM in a dismissive style.

 “In an interview with TPM today, Khan described how "every few months there's a different iteration of [Gaffney] and his cohorts' wild accusations," but it is simply untrue, and a part of Gaffney's "tempter tantrum" that he has been marginalized by the conservative movement.”

 Needless to say the left like Alan Colmes is having a field day with scare-mongering being peddled by like the likes of Gafney and WND.

 “Of concern to WND and Gaffney is the presence of Grover Norquist, the Republican group Muslims For America, and Ex-Bush staffer Suhail Khan. Norquist is on the board of GOProud and is married to a Muslim.”

 A keen observer on Sharia law and its proponent’s attitude on gays could point how odd it seems to be that WND is suggesting that gays and Muslims are “infiltrating” CPAC at the same time. 

 One blogger summed up what most observers suspect about the latest CPAC bashing from WND.

 “That is the real crime here! This is just another in a long line of hit pieces on the ACU because it’s infected by “The Gay”.”

 The mainstream conservative movement continues to watch wondering what “conspiracy of infiltration” will next be spun by WND about CPAC or the ACU.