Is it just me, or does it seem a little late to jump on how bad the Wizards have been on the road and predict The Biggest Loser when Washington just decisively beat Utah at home on Monday and expect a pseudo homecoming for super-hot scorer Nick Young tonight against Milwaukee?

Just sayin’. Three other thoughts:

Kirk Hinrich played under Milwaukee head coach Scott Skiles.

"They are going to play hard," said Hinrich. "Scott's teams have always been very good defensively. So it's going to be a challenge for us, obviously, because we haven't won a road game… He had a huge influence on my career. He helped me learn the NBA game. He was very influential in me becoming the player that I am today and just how I view the game. As soon as he got there, every player was held under a different precedent, and he holds everybody accountable, he demands the best of you and he demands that you be a pro and bring it every night. I think he's a good coach."

Yi Jianlian was drafted by Milwaukee, but more importantly, he’s playing as well with the Wizards as he has all year.

"We've been together for like a half season, we know each other,” said Yi when asked about finding his rhythm on the long-range jumper. He’s shot had ten points in each of the last two games, shooting 10 for 15 from the field. “I set screens and for a big man, if you set a screen, you're going to be open. That's what I do.”

The Wizards haven’t won three games in a row for a really, really long time. April 2008. Since then, they’ve had ten 2-game win streaks. The current one is No. 11. There are also a lot of unfortunate things that have happened to the franchise since that spring. Are they through? I’m going to go out on a limb and say there might be just enough positives converging on the team right now to turn the corner. I could be totally wrong. Chances are that even a victory tonight won’t be pretty. But the signs are there that it could happen. If nothing else, it would be a first for me since I’ve been covering the team. What it means beyond that, we'll have to wait and see.