He hasn't made an appearance at McDonald's yet, but President Obama is doing his best Bill Clinton impression on the campaign trail--at least when it comes to gorging on every plate of chops and Solo Cups of beer put in front of him.

Campaigning without his wife through Iowa this week, Obama diverted his bus several times to restaurants, diners and snack stores in an uncharacteristic manner for the calorie-conscious president whose diet back home is governed by his low-fat demanding wife and organic focused personal chef Sam Kass.

As he played hookey from his diet through Iowa until Michelle arrived Wednesday, Obama cheated with a 550-calorie Sno Cone, a 880-calorie cinnamon bun, pork chops, over a gallon of Bud Lite and untold bottles of Kass-brewed White House beer stashed on his party bus.

All from a president who opened the trip with this statement at the Iowa State Fair: "Michelle has told me I cannot have a fried Twinkie." In fact, as the first lady was softly scolding Olympic winner Gabby Douglas for eating an egg McMuffin on Tuesday, the president was in a coffee shop in Knoxville, Iowa ordering so much that he thought he bought the Coffee Connection out of cinnamon buns.

So what did he eat? Just at campaign stops over three days, Obama ate a Sno Cone drizzled with watermelon, lime and cherry syrup; a pork platter, muffins, cinnamon rolls, multiple Bud Lites, fried eggs, hash browns.