A Wisconsin man was charged on Thursday for threatening to kill President Obama, a federal official confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

Brian Dutcher of Tomah, Wis., reportedly said on Facebook: "That's it! Thursday I will be in La Crosse. Hopefully I will get a clear shot at the pretend president. Killing him is our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY!" the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

The 55-year-old Dutcher allegedly said he was prepared to go to La Crosse, where Obama is visiting the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse today, to kill the president. On Wednesday, Dutcher reportedly told a La Crosse Public Library security guard that: "The usurper is here and if I get a chance I'll take him out and I'll take the shot."

He was charged with threats to kill the president.

The Tomah Veterans Administration facility was the source of the scandal over VA providers over-prescribing opiates after U.S. Marine Veteran Jason Simcakoski died as a result of mixed drug toxicity last August.

The Secret Service routinely investigates threats against the president, and has said it prioritizes threats that include specific details that could indicate a threat to the president, such as details that say someone is actively traveling to a certain place to do him harm.