Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a history of insulting NBC's "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd, and once called him a "moron." Likewise, Todd has refused to cover Trump as a legitimate political player, and has said the press shouldn't cover Trump as a serious candidate.

So, would the two of them face off in an interview?

A campaign source close to Trump told the Washington Examiner media desk that Trump would "consider the invitation," should one arrive for him to appear on "Meet the Press." But Todd did not return a request for comment.

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Though faced with a steep decline in ratings over the past few years, "Meet" is still considered a prestigious current affairs program that can serve to legitimize a presidential candidate's campaign.

Eight of the Republican candidates have been on the show since the beginning of 2015, including Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham, all of whom are polling at the bottom of the field. Trump is one of the top two candidates based on an average of recent polls.

Todd and Trump have an acrimonious relationship that goes as far back as 2013. Todd has regularly voiced skepticism that Trump, who has flirted in the past with running for public office, should be covered as a credible political figure.

Todd has especially been critical of Trump's recent remarks about many illegal immigrants being criminals and "rapists."

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In June, Todd said that the news media should be thoughtful on whether to cover Trump as a serious candidate. "Yes, he is giving voice and anger, channeling some of the anger and frustration that's out there with some people, but does he deserve the platform?" Todd said on MSNBC at the time. "Has he earned the platform to be taken as a serious presidential candidate? I think the burden of proof is on him."

Earlier in the year, Trump wrote in a message on Twitter, "So many people have told me that I should host Meet the Press and replace the moron who is on now." He has referred to Todd as "sleepy eyes."