Sure, they play battling politicos in their new movie "The Campaign," but comedians Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis seemed taken aback by the numbers of political inquiries they received Tuesday night at the D.C. premiere of the film at the Newseum.

"I hate to say, but I'm just an actor, I don't really -- I'm just an entertainer," Galifianakis said, after being asked about President Obama, Mitt Romney, and about members of Congress they didn't like. "But, yes, there are a couple people I'd like to have to a sit-down chat with and ask some questions and I think most citizens would -- it seems like politicians are not living up to our expectations, which are pretty low right now," he continued, not naming a single one.

Ferrell didn't exactly have kind words for Congress either, though wouldn't delve into specifics. "In terms of my character, he's a four-time incumbent congressman. I basically drew upon everyone on Capitol Hill who is not doing anything, which is a lot of people," Ferrell said.

In an interview earlier Tuesday with CNN, Ferrell said he based his character not on George W. Bush, who he is famous for playing on "Saturday Night Live," but on a different trio. "I patterned my character after a combination of Geraldine Ferraro, Madeleine Albright and John Sununu," he told Joe Johns. Why those three? "I just like saying the word Sununu."

Ferrell also gave credit where it was due for the perfectly political hairstyle he sports in the film. "I watched a lot of tape of Rick Perry's hair," he said, adding that he used Alberto V05.