The family of a Marine veteran who died at a Veterans Affairs facility in Tomah, Wis., due to a toxic mixture of more than a dozen drugs, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the U.S. government, the Associated Press reported late Monday.

Jason Simcakoski died in 2014. His family is arguing the VA caregivers improperly prescribed and administered drugs. The suit also alleges the government agency did not provide sufficient emergency care for Simcakoski after he was found unresponsive, and failed to accurately diagnose his mental health and substance abuse problems.

Simcakoski's wife is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for the VA's alleged role in her husband's death. Last year, the VA's inspector general admitted deficiencies in care had led to Simcakoski's death, but only one physician was fired.

The VA has been criticized for the last few years for long wait times that have prevented veterans from getting medical attention. All the while, VA executives have continued to receive bonuses and promotions while the system continues to be plagued by problems.