The Frank family are heading to Nova Scotia. The couple are busily reading themselves for their forced moved north of the border. The British couple who are being forced to leave the US because their business does not earn enough to allow them to stay.

The Wells, Maine based couple have had to shutter their business and let go their employees after being told they had to leave the country. The restaurant is liked and provided jobs for locals in the dire Maine economic climate. It, unlike many businesses in the state, has remained open during the recession only to be closed by order of the US government.

The couple plan to continue to fight to return to their adoptive community in Maine. There is, of course, a petition and Facebook page highlighting their plight.

Rather than being bitter the couple seem upbeat despite their plight. Their legion of fans and friends are keeping their spirits up while they deal with the bureaucracy of the process. The couple hope that pressure from Maine US Representatives and Senators will help rectify the situation. When I asked Laura Franks how things were going yesterday she simply replied “slow."

What irks many is that these people played by the rules and did everything right, yet are being cast out over a technicality. This contrasts with the huge number of illegal immigrants in the US that are being considered for amnesty.