Organizing for Action is asking people to sign an e-card wishing President Obama a happy 55th birthday, an initiative that may end up helping Hillary Clinton's campaign by collecting more names for her historic presidential run.

OFA, a political non-profit that helps promote the president's agenda, has been sending emails and tweets asking people to electronically sign their name to a birthday card celebrating Obama's birthday before he leaves office. Clicking the link takes people to a page that asks for an email address and a zip code before allowing people to add their names to Obama's card.

It's likely that email addresses will be forwarded on to the Democratic National Committee, which is now devoting all its resources to electing Clinton. Last summer, Obama agreed to allow OFA to hand over its extensive and long sought-after email listserv to the Democratic National Committee to help elect his Democratic successor.

The DNC is now utilizing it to help elect Hillary Clinton, and efforts to add names or keep their email address up-to-date will make the list more valuable.

Jim Messina, and OFA co-chair who previously served as deputy White House chief of staff under Obama, sent his own email that asks people to sign up.

"55 is a BFD — sign the card," Messina's subject line said in his email. The "BFD" reference plays on a well-known gaffe by Vice President Joe Biden who stole the show during Obama's Obamacare bill-signing when he said, loudly enough for the podium to capture it, "This is a big f—-ing deal."

Messina, however, makes no mention of Clinton in his email to supporters.

"The progress we've fought for over the last eight years wasn't won easily and it's been even harder to protect — you know that," Messina wrote. "Together we've organized like hell to hand off a better America to the next generation. And no one takes our hard work to heart more than President Obama."