The Democratic National Committee is not yet ready to describe its plans for presidential primary debates, even though the first one is tentatively scheduled for as early as next month.

While the Republican National Committee released details in January about its first nine planned debates, complete with which TV network and state will host each one, the DNC has released few details about its own debate calendar.

In May, the DNC announced it would sanction six presidential primary debates. The first four would take place in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina. But the networks hosting the debates weren't named and the months in which they were to take place were left "TBD."

There are potential reasons for the DNC's lag behind the RNC is finalizing or announcing its debate schedule. One possibility is that the Republican field was quicker to form (with still more candidates jumping in) than the Democratic one. For several months, it was unclear who would challenge former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the party's nomination, thus raising questions about whether any Democratic primary debates would happen.

Now there are five prominent Democrats who have announced campaigns for the White House.

"We hope to have more details soon," a spokeswoman for the DNC told the Washington Examiner media desk on Thursday. She said a fuller schedule would be released in the fall.