Michelle Obama's changes to the White House State Dining Room racked up a six-figure price tag.

The cost of the White House's newly revealed formal dining room reportedly cost $600,000. The first lady added new furniture and drapery.

The latest rendition of the State Dining room features blue-and-beige-striped silk drapes that are overlaid with designs of flowers, baskets and ribbons. The room also includes new custom-made chairs from North Carolina that are built of mahogany and trimmed with brass. The chairs continue the project that began three years earlier when two custom-made wool rugs were ordered for the room in 2012.

The blue in the curtains is supposed to reflect the "kailua" blue trim of the Obamas' White House china, revealed in April, which pays homage to the president's home state of Hawaii.

The cost of the new decor is $590,000, a tab that was picked up by the White House Endowment Trust.

The last update to the State Dining room was made during Bill Clinton's presidency.

The trust is overseen by the White House Historical Association and is a private fund used for the upkeep of rooms in the White House that are open to the public. The trust's funds are derived from private donations and the revenue earned from the Historical Association's operations, such as from the annual Christmas ornament.

The State Dining Room typically serves as a banquet hall and is considered the center of White House hospitality. The mantel, as ordered by Franklin D. Roosevelt, is famously engraved with John Adams' quote, "I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof."

Despite the importance of the room, it was not the first dining room that that Michelle Obama redecorated.

In February, her bigger redesign of the Old Family Dining Room was completed. The first lady revamped the window treatments, added bronze sconces and finished the decoration with a new coat of paint. Obama also placed a new, $290,000 painting in the room.

The family dining room is reserved for family meals or staffers who are bumped out of the State Dining Room on formal occasions to make space for last-minute guests. It has gone through three transformations between the Truman, Kennedy and Obama administrations.