A White House spokesman on Wednesday chided congressional Republicans for making plans to leave for the August break without reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, failing to pass a long-term highway bill and leaving other business unfinished until September.

"Right now what they're focused on is an ideological rider to defund Planned Parenthood," spokesman Eric Schultz said, noting GOP plans to strip federal funds from the group that has been accused of profiting from the sale of fetal remains. "They're dealing with strife within their own party; and they're leaving town early to get ahead on their six-week break."

"If you put that side by side with their inability to authorize Ex-Im Bank, that we're on the precipice of the highway trust fund in the height of construction season, and that they have the gall to leave town without even touching cyber security legislation, we think that's revelatory to of their priorities," Schultz continued. "And we think those are misplaced priorities."

Schultz was responding to a question about whether the White House miscalculated when it signaled it would sign off on a House plan to temporarily extend highway funding even though it didn't include reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank's lapsed charter.

"But if you're asking me to evaluate the level of dysfunction in the Republican Congress, I'm happy to engage you on that, because it's rare that we've seen this level of distrust between two leaders ... of separate chambers but from the both parties," Schultz said. House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans were known to oppose Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's plan for a longer-term highway bill, which is why the short-term extension is all that can pass at this point.

"That said, since surface transportation does expire at the end of July … unfortunate reality is that, due to inaction, Congress will need to pass this," he said, adding the Obama will sign the short-term extension.