Presidential press secretary Josh Earnest slammed an anti-Iran deal rally that Sen. Ted Cruz led outside the White House Thursday as "pro-war."

"I'm aware of the pro-war rally," Earnest said of Cruz's rally in Lafayette Park outside of the White House. Asked if he considers all opponents of the Iran deal "pro-war," Earnest said they can explain it for themselves.

He also mentioned one Republican who has said he would be prepared to "launch a military strike against Iran on Inauguration Day." Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has said that his promised tough stance on Iran might "very possibly" result in him striking Iran on his first day in office.

Cruz, a Texas Republican and candidate for the 2016 GOP nomination, spoke Thursday at a rally in Lafayette Park that was organized in opposition to the recent nuclear deal with Tehran.

At the rally, Cruz got into an argument with a Code Pink protester supporting the deal when he said the deal would lead to Iran getting a windfall in sanctions relief that Tehran would use to "kill Americans."

Over the weekend, Cruz said Iran deal would likely force the next president to "take direct military action" to prevent a nuclear catastrophe that "could cost the lives of millions of Americans."

"I think it is likely the next president will be advised in January of 2017, you have two and only two choices: Either you acquiesce [to] Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon or direct military action must be used to take it out," he said. "I think that's unfortunate, but that's what President Obama is forcing."