This week's Weekly White House Report Card finds our graders beginning the countdown clock to the end of Barack Obama's presidency.

Democratic pollster John Zogby noted that Louisiana's storm-slammed residents gave Obama an earful on his belated visit and conservative national security expert Jed Babbin expressed dismay that the president didn't address Iran's embarrassing intercept of a U.S. Navy destroyer.

John Zogby

Ah, how confusing things can be for a president.

Barack Obama's would-be successor, who served as his secretary of State, finds herself in a rough situation over her tangled relationship between her Clinton Foundation and her old department. While the issue previously was all about the process of her establishing a private email account, it is now all about the content. Was she engaged in a pay-for-play scheme? With suddenly a new 14,900 emails emerging, the story will continue right up to the election.

On the flip side, it is one thing for a president's party nominee to adopt his policies, it is another thing entirely when his most ardent critic — Republican Donald Trump — pretty much adopts his policy toward illegal immigrants.

And don't forget that Mr. Obama went to Louisiana to visit storm-ravaged residents but was given an angry earful.

Grade C+

Jed Babbin

Returning from vacation, President Obama signaled that he's eager to present his successor with some truly enormous problems.

Belatedly visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana, the president promised to help rebuild the state. But that's a problem that won't be finished before the president leaves office. Obama said that, in effect, he'd be mailing it in for the rest of his term. He said, "First of all, one of the benefits of being five months short of leaving here is I don't worry too much about politics."

But politics — including his place in history — is still Obama's only concern. He uttered not a word when Iranian patrol boats conducted a high-speed intercept of an American destroyer, coming as close as three hundred yards. The reason is his determination to not disturb his deal with Iran on nuclear weapons.

In another meh, his spokesman, Josh Earnest, said that the national debt — now over $19 trillion — will be a big problem for the next president, kicking the can down the road.

Grade D-

Jed Babbin is an Examiner contributor and former deputy undersecretary of defense in administration of former President George H.W. Bush. Follow him @jedbabbin

John Zogby is the senior analyst for Zogby Analytics and author of "We Are Many, We Are One." Follow him at @TheJohnZogby

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