White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that President Obama will not "fast-forward" to the end just to get a nuclear agreement with Iran, even though a final deal appears to be close.

"[T]ypically... some of the most difficult issues are the ones that get kicked to the end, and that's why the president is going to resist any effort to sort of fast-forward through the closing here," Earnest said Monday.

The interim agreement will remain in effect while negotiators from China, France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and the United States try to finally close the books in Vienna on marathon talks to curb Tehran's nuclear program, he said.

"Now obviously, if we can reach a final agreement, then that would supersede the interim agreement," Earnest added. The parties "have made genuine progress in those conversations," Earnest said. "There have been some key issues in the negotiations that have been closed, and that's a good sign."

Monday was the latest deadline for reaching a deal, but Earnest and other officials said if more time is needed, the framework that underpins the talks would be extended further if necessary.