Just after the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, Tommy Thompson — now the GOP Senate nominee in Wisconsin — went on an ABC News web-based show to discuss counterterrorism. The video, which I mentioned in my column today, is above.

You’ll see how he says we’re not prepared for another anthrax attack because we don’t have second-generation vaccines. Then twice, unprompted, he mentions one maker of a new anthrax vaccine — PharmAthene. “I think they’re doing an excellent job,” he says of PharmAthene at one point.

But Thompson, listed and introduced by ABC as “former health secretary” and “the Secretary of HHS at the time” of the Anthrax attack, never discloses that PharmAthene was his client, paying him to help the company get a federal contract.

Bill Flook at the Washington Business Journal reported at the time:

Thompson did not disclose his ties to PharmAthene as a paid consultant for through D.C.-based lobbying firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. He joined the firm as partner after leaving the Bush administration. Akin Gump is PharmAthene’s principal lobbying firm on Capital Hill. Thompson is not a registered lobbyist. However, he “has worked in a consulting capacity for us” as part of a team at Akin Gump, said PharmAthene spokeswoman Stacey Jurchison.

I also noted in my column that Thompson, while being paid by drug companies, expressed support for the Senate version of ObamaCare.