Uh oh, this is bad news for folks formerly known as "liberals," then as "progressives." Seems Rasmussen Reports finds that "conservative" is the most positively viewed political label, while "liberal" and "progressive" are in the negative.

"Forty-two percent (42%) of Likely U.S. Voters say they view it as a positive if a candidate is described as politically conservative. Twenty-one percent (21%) say it’s a negative description, and 36% rate it somewhere in between the two," Rasmussen said.

Wasn't that long ago that being seen as a progressive was equally as positive as being called a conservative, according to Rasmussen.

"Being described as a progressive, on the other hand, is a positive for 22% of voters and a negative for 34%, with 41% seeing it in between," Rasmussen said.

"But in the previous survey, voters were evenly divided, with 29% saying progressive was a positive description and 28% describing it as a negative.

 "This marks a continuing downward trend for progressive which little over three years ago was slightly more popular than conservative."

Interestingly, Rasmussen finds that "Tea Party" is virtually a wash as a political label with likely voters. For the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey might say), go here.