Donald Trump may block certain publications from covering his campaign rallies, but the Republican presidential nominee believes Hillary Clinton is the real candidate who is guilty of dodging members of the press.

Trump released a new video on Tuesday that highlights the number of days that have passed since his Democratic opponent last organized a press conference with reporters.

Clinton last fielded questions from reporters in an open setting 241 days ago, immediately after she had delivered a speech at a March 10 United Nations meeting on women's rights.

"What is she afraid of?" the Trump campaign asks in its latest video criticizing Clinton for lacking transparency.

Hours before he posted the 20-second video to Twitter, Trump slammed Clinton at a rally in Ashburn, Va., for declining to take questions from journalists.

"She can't because she's so dishonest. She doesn't want the people peppering her with questions because she's so dishonest," he told a crowded high school auditorium.

Clinton pollster Joel Benenson told ABC News last week that the former secretary of state's campaign will "have a press conference when we want to have a press conference." The Clinton campaign has offered no indication of when the former secretary of state might take questions before or after an event