The White House said U.S. officials are still trying to meet the July 7 deadline for a nuclear agreement with Iran and are still willing to walk away from the negotiations if both sides can't reach a good deal.

"This is the deadline that we continue to operate against, and that reflects the rather aggressive pace of the negotiations that are underway right now," White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Monday.

The original deadline for a final agreement was last week, but officials extended it for another week in the hopes of reaching a deal. Secretary of State John Kerry said last week that negotiators have their "own sense of deadline," which raised the possibility of another extension in the next day or so.

Earnest declined to get into the sticking points that remain, but reiterated Kerry's statement over the weekend that he would stop negotiating rather than agree to a bad deal.

If Iran doesn't meet the obligations set out in the political framework established in early April, especially when it comes to intensive inspections of Iranian nuclear sites, "then we won't be able to reach an agreement," Earnest said.