First Lady Michelle Obama is hosting a 55th birthday celebration for President Obama at the White House Friday night before leaving for a two-week vacation in Martha's Vineyard but is keeping tight-lipped about the guest list.

"The guest list includes a large number of family members and friends to mark the occasion," the White House said in a brief statement about the party, which noted that the "private event' would be paid for with the family's personal funds.

Thursday was Obama's birthday and dozens of friends, Washington colleagues and celebrities, including Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and even Snoop Dogg, sent warm wishes to the president over Twitter and Instagram and other social media throughout the day.

Several Democratic political organizations, including his closely-aligned Organizing for Action, asked people to sign e-cards wishing him a happy birthday, which had the added benefit of helping update their listservs when email recipients complied by providing additional personal information, as well as their zipcodes.

The president was also celebrating Thursday evening and jokingly chided a reporter for asking a long question about Syria at a Pentagon briefing that was keeping him from the festivities.

"I hope it's not too long because I'm going to be late for my birthday dinner," he said to laughter.