UPATE: Tommy Wells has been officially chosen to represent the D.C. Council on Metro’s board of directors.
He will have one voting spot on the 14-member board. But the other three D.C. representatives? Still not clear.

D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells is slated to take over a seat on Metro’s board of directors on Monday, another new face for the transit agency in the wake of widespread critiques.

The D.C. Council is scheduled to approve him to the 14-person board of directors Monday morning, according to the council agenda.

The news isn’t surprising. Wells had said he was getting the slot late last month, replacing Councilman Jim Graham, who came under fire for his leadership as chairman after last year’s deadly train crash. Graham still could be appointed as an alternate, as the other three D.C. seats remain in play.

It was not clear on Monday who else would fill the District’s other slots. City Administrator Neil Albert has left his job now that Vincent Gray has become mayor, and thus is almost certain to leave his voting seat on the Metro board.

Several other seats also are in flux. Last month, Arlington Board member Christopher Zimmerman surprised board members and transit advocates alike when he announced his resignation. Maryland representatives Gordon Linton, Elizabeth Hewlett and Marcell Solomon are all leaving their posts, as well.

Among the new faces joining Wells: Arlington County board member Mary Hynes will take Zimmerman's spot, while former Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter will fill Linton's seat.