Maine Gov. Paul LePage initially said he was not interested in going to his local NAACP's Martin Luther King Day events.

"Tell them to kiss my butt," LePage told a reporter in Augusta.

Why, governor! LePage, a newly-elected Republican who came to office with tea party support, called the civil rights organization a special interest, and said he had scheduling conflicts. 

LePage, a businessman and former mayor of Waterville, is noted for a certain flinty outspokenness. During his campaign, LePage, no fan of government despite his leadership role in it, promised to tell President Obama "to go to hell." Of course, this pre-dated The New Civility. From Politico:

LePage told the Associated Press that he regretted his choice of words, but he stood behind the sentiment. 

This morning, LePage relented on the NAACP thing and turned up at a community breakfast in Waterville.