In remarks in Tampa, CNBC’s Larry Kudlow noted that Paul Ryan mentioned the phrase “tax fairness” in yesterday’s Republican convention address:

“I hope Mitt Romney’s team did not inset that phrase. … ‘Tax fairness’ is a liberal euphemism for jacking up taxes. We need to hear a pro-growth message from Governor Romney. We need to hear him say here’s how we’re going to do it in specific terms, we’re going to lower taxes, limit government, and that’s going to bring economic growth.  Growth solves deficits. Growth solves the debt. The numerator is government spending, the denominator is GDP…if you want to lower spending, grow the denominator. I hope Mitt Romney brings the house down tonight by making these points. I want to hear it from Mitt. When the GOP talks growth, we win. When we talk root canals and deficits, we don’t win. What the average guy wants is opportunity.”