THE SCRAPBOOK was startled to receive this press release a few hours ago:

Mitt Romney Addresses American Legion  Boston, MA – On Wednesday, Mitt Romney will address the American Legion at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The following event is open to the press. Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Event:                        Governor Romney Addresses American Legion   Location:                  Indianapolis Convention Center 200 South Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana    Program Time:        3:00 PM EDT           

Huh? Isn't Paul Ryan speaking Wednesday night here at the convention in Tampa? Does the presidential candidate usually deliver a major address the same day as the vice presidential nominee's acceptance speech—and the day before his own acceptance speech? No. What's going on?

THE SCRAPBOOK seems to remember a couple of vibes it picked up at the big Sunday night party at the convention arena from a few Romney aides and GOP muckety-mucks. Are there some on Team Romney who want to take the vice presidential nominee, who's been getting all this good press, down one or two notches? Are there some on Team Romney who are a bit put off by the new Pew poll results, which show more Americans eager to hear Ryan's speech than Romney's? Are those "some" led by Romney aide Stuart Stevens, who wasn't a backer of the Ryan VP pick and who's been taking grief internally because his 2010 client, former Republican Florida governor Charlie Crist, just conspicuously endorsed Obama? And because of his alleged mismanagement of the Romney acceptance speech drafting process?

THE SCRAPBOOK had discounted the murmurs of discontent with Stevens from Romney loyalists and GOP bigwigs it heard at Sunday night's gathering. But now, with Romney speaking in competition with his own vice presidential pick, will the murmurs become louder?

Or is THE SCRAPBOOK making a mountain out of a molehill, as some of his colleagues suggest?

THE SCRAPBOOK will keep his ear to the ground, and will report further.