Coming off a terrible July, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is clinging to a narrow lead over her primary challenger. The former Democratic National Committee's chief faces her primary challenge on August 30.

After Wikileaks made DNC emails public that showed a strong bias against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton, Schultz stepped down as chair of the party. Some speculated this would negatively impact her in her congressional reelection race.

A Sun-Sentinel/Florida Atlantic University poll shows Shultz holding a 10 point lead with likely voters over her challenger, law professor Tim Canova.

The Sun-Sentinel reports,

The incumbent was preferred by men, older voters, people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, and those with a favorable view of President Barack Obama. Women also supported Wasserman Schultz, but not as strongly as men. The challenger was ahead with younger voters, people who wanted Bernie Sanders to win the presidential nomination, and those who have an unfavorable view of Obama.

In May, Ethan Epstein took a close look at the race. Read his piece here.