As of Wednesday night, these are the presidential candidates voters will choose from on Minnesota's ballot in November:

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, Constitution Party

Dan R. Vacek and Mark Elworth, Jr., Legal Marijuana Now

Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party

Jill Stein and Howie Hawkins, Green Party (Note: Party working to replace stand-in VP candidate Hawkins with endorsed candidate Ajamu Baraka.)

"Rocky" Roque De La Fuente and Michael Steinberg, American Delta Party

Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson, Independence

Gary Johnson and William Weld, Libertarian Party

That's right—the Minnesota Republican party has yet to file the paperwork necessary to get Trump-Pence on the ballot in the state. Tuesday was the deadline for non-major party candidates to file the necessary paperwork, but the GOP has until Monday the 29th to submit the paperwork. Politico reports state Republicans are fixing the problem, but that's awfully close for comfort. One wonders if the Trump campaign would have slipped up here if the press hadn't noticed.

Update: Minnesota's Secretary of State's office is reporting that the paperwork has been received. However, there's one remaining potential problem, notes Politico:

"Last night #MNGOP 'appointed' alternate electors to fix problem - BUT this isn't allowed in #MNGOP constitution - so we have a mess," Michael Brodkorb, a former deputy chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, tweeted earlierThursday morning.

Presumably it will get resolved, but getting on the ballot should be a simple matter and this has indeed been far messier than it should have been.