The phrase "Lock her up" has become a common chant at Donald Trump campaign rallies when the Republican nominee talks about his opponent Hillary Clinton, but generally Trump and other speakers have tried to redirect supporters to "beat her" in November.

Now, however, the Trump campaign is actually selling "Hillary Clinton for Prison 2017" buttons. One of the buttons even shows the figure of a woman in a black and white striped prison jumpsuit. Another has a Spanish phrase that translates to "Liar!"

Trump has been critical of Hillary Clinton from the start of his campaign, suggesting her email scandal might be criminal in nature. Recently, he called the Clinton Foundation (the charitable foundation named for Clinton, her husband, and daughter Chelsea) a "vast criminal enterprise":

This week the curtain was truly lifted. The corruption was revealed for all to see. The veil was pulled back on a vast criminal enterprise run out of the State Department by Hillary Clinton. As the Associated Press documented, more than half of the meetings Hillary Clinton took as Secretary of State with people outside government were Clinton Foundation donors.

Trump's penchant for hyperbole is well known, but with his increasingly heated rhetoric and new campaign merchandise, Trump may have moved beyond metaphor. The "2017" on the button suggests that prosecution of his former opponent might be a first-hundred-days agenda item for President Donald J. Trump.