Monica's e-mails to her friends are a window into the soul of the post-Gen-X generation.

Yeah, Kelly sure was right!!!!! I was totally distracted. I'm sure you remember I talked to the creep on the phone at work . . . I am glad you've had a good time with her but I certainly understand you and Chris wanting some time alone (like to have loud, rad SEX) before you leave!!!!!

Well, Catherine, my dear, (jeez . . . i hate being called "dear." the creep calls me that sometimes it's an old person saying!!!!) i don't have much to write -- i am boring. But did i tell you i had sex with thomas last week?"

But wait! There's more:

"hi cat - i miss you! i'm glad you liked my silly little package. i had a good time at the spa (i did it with the nutrition guy)!!!!"