I received an email this morning from Michael Lieber, the former GOP city captain for Bay Village, Ohio, who resigned that post last month to protest Donald Trump's nomination as the presidential candidate for the Republican party. Because Lieber says concisely and eloquently what so many others have communicated to me as well, I asked him for permission to post his email, which he granted. Here it is:

We have thrown away the White House and a golden opportunity to save the country from Hillary Clinton. We have to save other GOP candidates in the short term by abandoning Trump. In the long term, we have to make sure we never repeat a catastrophic mistake like Trump. The 45 percent of GOP voters who allowed themselves to be conned need to do some soul-searching and become better informed and less gullible, and GOP leaders need to communicate better. More important, though: For our party to have any credibility in the future, more of us need to step forward and say that Trump does not represent me, my party, or conservatism. Otherwise, our entire party—and conservatism—will be a laughingstock that isn't trusted to babysit children, let alone lead the country. Our nominee is obviously unfit to be president and was never going to win. The silence of those who realize this is condemning the GOP to impotent opposition status. They are throwing away their credibility, integrity, and future viability by their silence, as the trainwreck that is Trump heads to defeat.​