A day before the House voted to repeal the worst regulatory nightmare ever conceived on these shores, President Obama claimed in the Wall Street Journal that he's signing an executive order to prevent, among other things, "excessive" regulation. Moreover, Obama claimed, his administration will take regulation into the 21st century. If by taking it into the 21st century, he means making it far more byzantine, intrusive, and enervating, he's definitely on the right track. 

For a small taste of the sort of regulatory document at which this administration excels, try this for a good read (it may take a while to download); it's a relatively minor "rule," running 118,072 words in length, proposed under Obamacare. (Maybe it's the kind of thing that Obama had in mind when he wrote of "common sense rules of the road.") And for a good, quick summary of this administration's sincere efforts to, as Obama writes, "strike the right balance," between having the largely unchecked administrative state wield too much or too little power, check out this piece by Charles Krauthammer.