Yesterday, after witnessing Paul Ryan make an electrifying campaign stop in Colorado, I made the case that his campaign skills and force of personality could turn the election. Well, I stress again that it's too early to get cocky, and Ryan still has a lot to prove. But when campaigns are clicking, things start to seem almost charmed, as if the candidate can do no wrong. Moments like this start to happen regularly:

Stephen Boggioni, a 59-year-old Las Vegas retiree, tossed a baseball in Ryan’s direction; Ryan caught the ball one-handed, signed it, and then handed it to a Secret Service agent, who handed it back to Boggioni. Boggioni said after the event that he was impressed with Ryan’s catch. “You ever seen Barack throw a ball?” he said with a laugh.

In case you haven't seen Obama throw a baseball—it ain't pretty.