Police were called to a meeting of the Multnomah County, Oregon, Democrats late last week. According to the Oregonian, a "scuffle" broke out when a handful of Bernie Sanders supporters, led by one Leigh LaFleur (a prominent Wiccan supporter of the Vermont senator) disrupted the meeting by shouting. This prompted a "shoving match" when the meeting chair tried to boot LaFleur from the premises. Multnomah, Oregon's most populous county, is home to most of Portland. Sanders won the county by nearly 20 points in his 56 to 43 percent romp in the Democratic primary in the Beaver State.

This isn't the first time that Clinton and Sanders supporters have gotten physical with one another. In May, Wire actor Wendell Pierce—a Clinton supporter—was charged with battering a Bernie backer in an Atlanta hotel.

Despite widespread "brownshirt" analogies, there have been no reports of physical clashes between #NeverTrump supporters and those who plan to vote for Donald Trump.