CNBC to Christina Romer: So, how many jobs has the stimulus actually created or saved? "It's very hard to say exactly—you don't know what the baseline is."

In case you ever doubted that the crying of "racist" by the left is a cynical political ploy, here it is in all its naked glory, courtesy of the JournoList.

What happened to M. Night Shyamalan?

A city outsources everything. Sky doesn't fall.

"Tea Party leaders will address charges of racism and take shots at big government in a July 31 rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia. The rally, called Uni-Tea, will feature white and black Tea Party supporters in all-day event that will feature live music, a web cast and plenty of Obama bashing."

Obama's long-term play: "Look: The Republicans, if you do the math, cannot be successful as a national party if they continue to alienate Latinos," said one Democratic strategist familiar with White House thinking on the issue.

Nate Silver on the latest polls and 2010 Senate forecast: 55 Dems, 44 Republicans, and one Charlie Crist

Thank heaven.

"But Mr. Obama was nonetheless obliged to concede that, 18 months after his $862 billion stimulus, there are still five job seekers for every job opening and that 2.5 million Americans will soon run out of unemployment benefits. What happens when the 99 weeks of benefits run out? Will the President demand that they be extended to three years, or four?"