CBS poll: 13 percent of Americans believe Obama policies have helped them; 52 percent believe he's spent too little time on the economy.

The president of Columbia University wants your tax dollars to pay for the consolidation of NPR and PBS into an American BBC-like behemoth.

Robert Bentley will run for Alabama governor and Martha Roby in AL-2 over Rick "Gather Your Armies" Barber after last night's run-off.

If you're a white Republican, making fun of New Black Panther for being racist makes you a racist.

Is that a strategy or a goal? "The strategy calls for reducing the rate of new HIV infections by 25 percent over the next five years, and for getting treatment to 85 percent of patients within three months of their diagnosis."

Kathleen Parker: You know who's really swell? Sarah Palin.

Reason: Five things you should know about Jacob Lew, Obama's pick for OMB.

John Kerry is totally into airing declassified testimony from Vietnam-era hearings now: “These transcripts and other records were selected because they shed light on an important period of American history and all of its lessons. It is incredible to read through these papers and hear the voices of many of the Senate’s giants wrestling with Vietnam and all its complexity at a time when many of us, including some of us on the Foreign Relations Committee today, were serving as young officers in Vietnam living out those very same questions in a personal way. As legislators and citizens, we can learn an enormous amount from the way our predecessors conducted business and struggled with some of the most difficult questions during a difficult period in our country.”

Pelosi vs. Gibbs on Gibbs' "Meet the Press" admission that Dems are in trouble: "Democratic lawmakers also tried to pin their woes on the White House, saying that control of the House might not be in play if the Obama administration had done a better job of messaging on the party's agenda and accomplishments."

Sheesh. Well, good luck.