Sad: "Lance Armstrong said his hopes of Tour de France victory are finished after he struggled in the Alps and was caught up in three crashes during an eighth stage won by Andy Schleck of Luxembourg on Sunday."

Fred Barnes asks, Could Erskine Bowles lead on Social Security reform? "The commission, which reports in December after the midterm election, could give Mr. Obama an advantage Mr. Bush didn't have five years ago. He'd have bipartisan cover to go full tilt to enact meaningful reform of Social Security. Mr. Bush was on his own and attracted little support, either from Republicans or Democrats."

64 dead in Uganda in bombing of World Cup revelers. Authorities suspect ties to al Qaeda.

Robert Samuelson on Pew's data on the recession: "A new study from the Pew Research Center, based on an opinion survey in May of nearly 3,000 Americans and an exhaustive evaluation of economic data, provides a preview. Not surprisingly, it confirms that Americans have become more frugal; 71 percent say they're buying less expensive brands, 57 percent say they've trimmed or eliminated vacations. Life plans have changed; 11 percent say they've postponed marriage or children, while 9 percent have moved back with parents."

About that Alvin Greene conspiracy, Rep. Clyburn...

Obama vs. the gay vote: “This has got to be a nightmare for the White House political office, especially as Organizing for America ramps up efforts to rebuild a coalition for the midterms which includes gays,” said Richard Socarides, a senior adviser to President Bill Clinton on gay rights issues. “I want the Democrats to keep both houses of Congress more than most. It’s very important that we do that if gay rights are important to you. So I can’t understand why the president’s senior advisers permit the Justice Department to defend this case. … It’s incomprehensible.”

Bill officiant. Grooms, hide your brides!

DNC sets new dates for early primaries.

Slip out the back, Jack: There must be 50 ways to cut your budget.