Three things the U.S. should do.

Public servants: "Greg Royer ranks among the state's top-paid employees, with a salary of $304,000. But that's just part of his income. For nearly seven years, he's also collected an annual pension of $105,000. Royer, the vice president for business and finance at Washington State University, tops a long list of college administrative staff members who've been able to boost their incomes by up to 60 percent by exploiting a loophole in state retirement laws."

"The height of narcissism."

Oh, no they didn't.

"Obama is scheduled to host Netanyahu [with] a red-carpet welcome that the Israeli was denied in March when he was given a chilly reception by Obama because of a row over Jewish settlements.”

California totally keeping its eye on the ball.

More public servants: "Even using all the standard controls—including race and gender, full- or part-time work, firm size, marital status, region, residence in a city or suburb, and more—the federal wage premium does not disappear. It stubbornly hovers around 12%, meaning private employees must work 13½ months to earn what comparable federal workers make in 12."

Tea Partiers across the pond: "Last week, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne unveiled an emergency budget that would be the envy of Tea Partyers here in the former colonies. Osborne announced dramatic spending cuts of 25 percent for all departments of government -- the steepest reductions in eight decades. The austerity measures include a two-year wage freeze for nearly 6 million government employees, and nearly $17 billion in welfare cuts."

Suprise: Obama decried, then used, some of Bush's drilling policies.