Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti joined PBS NewsHour Thursday to discuss the alt-right, an online-based movement of racist and bigoted provocateurs who have largely rallied around the candidacy of Donald Trump. In the segment Continetti, who is a contributing editor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, and the Washington Post's David Weigel explained the origins of the alt-right and its hostile relationship toward conservatives in the Republican party.

"I think it is one more sign that conservativism as we understand it is coming under great strain during the era of Trump," Continetti said. "And so you have all of these criticisms of the mainstream conservatism represented by William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan. All of these critics feel empowered with the rise of Donald Trump, anyone who had a bone to pick with the George W. Bush administration, with the Republicans in Congress, with the editors of National Review, the Weekly Standard, now says Trump's our guy. Trump's going to be the agent of change that legitimates our somewhat fringe marginal ideas."

Watch the video below: